Sword men tend to be anything and I also’ve Had gender along with ones

Example: Laia Arqueros Claramunt

It is per night in April 2013, and I am planning to enter one’s West Hollywood bedroom after our second day. This mans bed room is actually a basement, and, walking along the grey carpeted steps In my opinion associated with the crucial range through the 2007 motion picture


“few men and women have basements in Ca.” I’m not sure what kind of individual would elect to hole up in a cellar, but once We enter this people’s, We see a slew of tools: a cane sword, a number of daggers, a Freddy Krueger glove.

This people’s basement space merely littered with tools. Versus flipping around and strolling away like many folks would whenever facing a lot of in private owned tools, I-go, “Is that a Klingon Bat’leth?” Since this is me personally now. You will find accepted my fate as Hana Michels: local woman to fuck all Sword Guys. (As far as I can tell, a Sword Guy is men just who gathers swords, principles swords, or provides actually utilized the expression “respect the knife.”) I invested 36 months of my life with a person the master of a Klingon Bat’leth. And a cane blade. And a Freddy Glove. And many daggers. Actually, should you decide encounter a sword guy in a big coastal town, you must know that I have had sex with him.

We honestly believe there is no much better demo of sexism inside our community versus fact that we discuss cat ladies however sword guys (and I dont indicate to disparage either). This might be although the changeover to the sword-guy way of living is swifter: A woman really needs, let’s say, significantly more than three kitties before her cat control becomes a lifestyle declaration and individuals deem their a “pet woman.” However if a man merely mounts just one katana on his wall structure he is claiming, “That’s it, it is myself now.” Yet we never discuss sword men?

I familiar with think this was because blade dudes just are present regarding the Coasts, as well as in Middle The united states “sword dudes” tend to be “gun guys.” But my personal sword-guy stand-up content moved over well in Arizona this present year, and many with the blade dudes I’ve connected with have-been transplants whom took their particular swords together on the trip to either Coast. Positive, sword-demo YouTube films appear to be shot nationwide therefore the blade
looks prominent through the entire entire world. Sword guys tend to be an actual class of men and women — we just aren’t speaing frankly about all of them. We believe cat girls have actually “given up,” but a guy whose bedroom is full of guns remains super-inviting. Believe me, because we obviously locate them super-inviting.

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You simply can’t only spot a blade man on the street (unless you’re myself), because sword guys lack that numerous unifying characteristics. Unlike “gun guys,” sword guys are not appearing to own any governmental viewpoints in keeping, unless “swords tend to be cool and I fancy cutting through plastic bottles” is actually a political notion. You may believe all blade guys tend to be nerds, but this is simply not real. They may be nerds, they may be jocks, they may even be a hybrid of the two.

Sword guys are not fundamentally social outcasts, both. They just have actually friends that cool with hanging out around a number of swords. Frequently, they can be white men enthusiastic about Japanese culture, but this isn’t a guideline: My ex making use of Bat’leth wasn’t (though he was entirely a white man with black colored presented eyeglasses, as the hottest consistent in the sword man is exactly exactly like the consistent regarding the Zodiac Killer). Actually, the thing i could say sword dudes have commonly is certainly not caring perhaps the dates they buy believe they are a serial killer. In addition, that they like swords I guess.

Unlike you, I am able to detect blade men without ever having observed their own swords. Not long ago I hooked up with someone that’d heard my personal sword-guy jokes and said, “Don’t worry, i’ve no swords. BY-THE-WAY WE HAVE FOUND A PIECE OF SHARON TATE’S FIREPLACE I JUST HAPPEN TO PROVIDE.” You are sure that Sharon Tate! From CHARLES MANSON MURDERING HER! Jesus, kindly i’d like to get back to sword dudes.

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If you should be gonna shag a bunch of sword men it’s important to understand which sword dudes are in fact really worth screwing. I’ve determined a hierarchy of blade dudes and it also goes as follows:

Man with replica swords from pop-culture situations the guy likes.

He simply rationally cool. He could actually make these swords from scrape for cosplay purposes, which can be a real expertise. We’ll simply take a Star Trek Bat’leth over a QVC katana any time. He understands what the guy really likes in which he’s not afraid to show it. Fuck yeah.

Man with routine swords.

Every man with a consistent blade begins with similar “limited model” (note: “limited release” means absolutely nothing) QVC/eBay katana. Katanas include Bulbasaur of sword catching, and that guy really wants to end up being a real blade master. He may or may not make YouTube demonstration video clips inside the Karate Gi while playing rare steel music.

Chap just who helps to keep a dagger under his pillow for “protection.”

RUN, RUN, operate, RUN OUT OF THIS GUY. Additionally if this option value security really EXACTLY WHY DO IT NEVER HAVE CONDOMS?

After connecting with a bunch of blade dudes I decided I’d much better start checking out sword-guy culture. An excellent place to start learning about sword guys is to kind “my katana sword” in YouTube search club. There are certainly everything from blade unboxing, weapon-collection overviews, to the best: men slicing circumstances in their backyards, once again, usually over material music. There isn’t any lack of white guys in Karate Gis right here. Several of those video clips show men and women evaluating and hammering their particular swords to allow people determine if they can be a worthwhile buy. Although i have not witnessed a sword man really utilize his sword for anything but decoration, THEY ALL ARE PREPARED TO. And they will let you know as a result. Before generating out.

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You will observe the casual blade woman within sword-guy movie look. Usually do not study the woman comments. If there is a very important factor I’ve learned about sword society, it’s that sword ladies have earned much better than the YouTube commentary they get (and that white men and women are enthusiastic about Japanese weaponry). Another way to find out about sword-guy culture is always to enjoy an inordinate quantity of QVC. I suggest doing this from a hospital bed, you do not feel poor about watching an inordinate number of QVC. Take note that, as any worthwhile blade man will tell you, a lot of the swords on QVC tend to be overhyped. But that’s the type of QVC and that’s why is it therefore fun to look at from your healthcare facility sleep and/or California basement room high in guns.

The greater we delved into an internet sword-guy rabbit gap, the greater we discovered the field of blade individuals is too varied and that I have no hope of unifying and comprehending it, regardless of what lots of sword guys I meet. Every blade man differs from the others. While some certainly have actually fantasies of keeping damsels in stress and you ought to seriously steer clear of those types, other individuals consider their particular swords look cool, or are actually into

Game of Thrones

. Some swords are holdovers from childhood, others are lifelong collections.

I have been performing some sword-guy jokes inside my stand-up work for more than a year today and more typically than not some dude arises in my opinion after the tv show and claims “which is myself!” or DMs myself an image of his sword. These guys are incredibly excited to appreciate they are not alone. And they’ren’t. The world of blade dudes is actually varied, but every sword man shares a typical record. Simply because they’ve all had intercourse with me.